About Beekeeping

Equipment to get started

Beekeeping is a rewarding and interesting hobby. But before you get started its recommended that you join a course to learn more these fascinating insects.

Minimum equipment needed for keeping bees:-

  • A suitable hive – lots of options available.
  • Protective clothing – a beekeeper suit and disposable ‘Marigold’ type gloves that cover the wrists.
  • A smoker and fuel
  • A hive tool
  • Feeder
  • Bees

The cost will vary considerably depending on where you purchase the equipment but always purchase the best quality you can afford.  It is possible to buy second-hand equipment but always be mindful of the potential for introducing diseases.  The beginners training course covers all the information you need to get started, with lots of helpful advice available.


Useful information

British Beekeepers Association British Beekeepers Association (bbka.org.uk)

Lancashire Beekeepers Lancashire Beekeepers Association

BeeBase  Beebase – Beekeeping information resource for Beekeepers (nationalbeeunit.com)

Bees for Development  About us – Bees for Development

Book – Guide to Bees & Honey: Ted Hooper: ISBN 978-1904846512

Book – Beekeeping a Practical Guide: Roger Patterson: ISBN 978-0716022855

Book – The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping: Davis & Cullum-Kenyon: ISBN 978-1472962430

Norfolk Honey Company Videos Beginner Beekeeping | Beekeeping Courses (norfolk-honey.co.uk)